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    Do you have any news regarding AXCRYPT for Android Please?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,


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    Hello Jean,

    We’re working intensely on development of both iOS and Android in parallel. We should be in beta test in about 4 weeks. We’ll be arranging for the possibility to sign up to be a beta tester as well.

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    Earlier this week we released AxCrypt Mobile for Android.

    We also just released AxCrypt Mobile for iOS.

    Thank you for your support.


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    Hello Svante

    i would like to install it on my android oneplus 1 mobile. but i was rooted mobile so i lost google play store on it its getting error while open

    i want to install and use it AXCrypt. can i download it from out side play store like 9apps

    or where can i get orginal apk file of it


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    I don’t think you can get an APK for it because of the security risks of using AxCrypt on a rooted device.

    I may be wrong so you’ll have to wait and see what AxCrypt staff have to say about it.

    One possibility is that you compile the software yourself. However AxCrypt on a mobile requires premium therefore you must be a paid user to use it.

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    Hello raghava and Horacio,

    No, sorry, we don’t support distribution of the raw APK at this time. This is the first time we ever had a request for it also, so it’s not very frequently requested. We may reconsider this in the future.

    It’s also not possible to recompile the build because parts of the code is not open source. It uses the same core code as all the other versions, which is open source, but the UI-related Android/iOS-specific parts is proprietary.

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    Hello Svante

    Eeven I’m Looking to get it from 9apps but i did not found there :( hope any open have apk file to download

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    Hello sam,

    You can download the app from Play Store and the App Store as appropriate. We do not supply raw APK files etc.

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    GPG is available as an APK file but the majority of users use the Google Play store.

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