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    Can you have both versions on the same PC or do I have to uninstall 1.7 before using 2.0?

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    Sorry, no they cannot co-exist since at most one application can be associated with an extension (.axx).

    However, you can download and run a standalone ‘portable’ version of AxCrypt 2. If you use it to encrypt new files, the old version cannot decrypt them though.

    Best regards,


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    Well since the title mentions both versions, I drop in.

    Do you plan to continue developing 1.7 or is it dead?

    The reason I ask, because there is a difference:

    AxCrypt 1.7 is an offline file encryption tool.
    AxCrypt 2.0 is an online drive/folder encryption tool.

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    No you cannot have both *installed* at the same time, primarily because they both register as the default application for “.axx”-files.

    However, you can run the portable/stand-alone version of 2.1 alongside an installed version 1.7.

    And to be very clear:

    AxCrypt 1.x AND 2.x are both *offline* file encryption tools.

    AxCrypt 2.x does NOT require to be online to encrypt or decrypt or do anything, *except* for the very first time you run AxCrypt 2.x on a PC. Thereafter you never need to be online again.

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    Hello again,

    Sorry, forgot to mention about the road map.

    No, I do not have the resources to continue to develop version 1.x. So it will become obsolete in a few years.

    We are planning to develop AxCrypt 2 and make it available on as many platforms as possible, starting with iOS and Android.

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    Do I have to un-install AxCrypt 1.7.2931.0 before I install version 2.x?

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    No you do not have to uninstall 1.7.x to install 2.x, it’ll upgrade cleanly. However, you may be asked to reboot. If so, do so, otherwise you may experience some issues.



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    I’ve just upgraded from 1.7 to 2 and now I cannot sign in, error message says my password is invalid? (I have restarted PC).

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    I was used to work wtih the 1. version, and it was really great because it was very easy to use. One other thing, I was the only one to know my password.

    I would like to be sure about something.

    When I use the 2. version, I need to register with an email and a password. This password will be used to “encrypt” my files, not an other password that I have to enter. That means that I use the same password to be identified and the encrypt.

    How can I be sure that this password will not be used by someone else to decrypt my secured files ?


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    Sorry, I forgot one question.

    We were able to send ciphered files and executable with version 1.

    Someone without the software was able to decipher with a shared password.

    Is it still possible with the 2. version ?


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    Hello Colin,

    Can you please take a screen shot and then make start a new thread in the help & support forum?


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    Hello Laurence,

    The password is indeed used to encrypt your files (although indirectly, which was the case in AxCrypt 1.x also). Technically it’s used to encrypt a “session key”, a unique, per file, completely random key.

    It is never stored on the server, and the connection to the server is always encrypted, so while the password in fact does travel over the Internet it does so safely.

    As for sending files to other people, you’re supposed to use the much more convenient “key sharing” feature of AxCrypt 2. No need to share the password then. Just add the recipients e-mail address to the list of users who should be able to decrypt the file.



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    Sorry to hear, that AxCrypt has changed that much, not just forced registration, but also password management.

    Version 1.7 was way simpler to use and most importantly safer, different passwords and keyfiles for every single file.

    I have moved to another encryption software, but honestly said, none is as good as 1.7 was, especially the ability to keep open files in a protected vault. I will miss it forever. Well, good luck with your new software, I hope your vision of it will be fulfilled and thanks for developing AxCrypt, until now. ;)

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    You write:

    Version 1.7 was way simpler to use

    Can you explain in more detail why you feel that way? I personally think AxCrypt 2 is much easier to use!

    safer, different passwords and keyfiles for every single file

    This, I think is not true in an objective way. I cannot imagine how you could manage different passwords and different key-files for every single file, nor do I see any increased security. Just more complex use.

    With AxCrypt 2 there is no reason to have different passwords at all, so you can concentrate on having one, really good password instead. If you want to share encrypted files with others, the key sharing feature allows you to do so without sharing passwords. Much easier and more secure.

    Finally you write:

    the ability to keep open files in a protected vault

    This I’m not quite sure what you refer to, and is it missing in AxCrypt 2?

    Anyway, it’s your choice of course, but in the end I hope that you may want to try AxCrypt 2 again, and see it in a different light, than just that it’s changed.

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us your thoughts!

    Best regards,


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    I am a AxCrypt V1 user and I chose this solution among others because of the iOS App that can decrypt on iOS machine some files encrypted on a PC. If I upgrade to V2, will the IOS App still be able to decrypt files encrypted with V2 on a PC ?



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