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    Stephen Steinberg

    Just starting, NICE WORK-   trying to understand the function of “secure folders” in basic vs Premium

    1. the MyAxCrypt folders that are generated by the installation, or by using the “advanced”  “add a secure folder” function-  all seem to function in the same way—- by right clicking, I can encrypt the files within the folder;  if I drag and drop into the “secure” folder, the file does not appear to encrypt unless I either right click and encrypt it directly, or do the same for the parent folder-

    my questions is —am I missing some function the “Premium” provides?   what action above will go away with the end  of the premium trial?

    thank you

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    What should happen with the secured folders feature is that if you create a new file there, AxCrypt will ‘see’ it and allow you to encrypt it with a single click of the ‘Broom’, which should turn red. You can also do this from the menu.

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    Stephen Steinberg

    thanks-  is that a “premium” function that will go away after the trial period, or the “standard” function?…the real questions being:    When the trial is over and I’m working with the “standard” version ….if I “right click” on a folder, will there be the option of encrypting/decrypting  all of the files within that folder? OR….. If I “select” all, will I be able to “batch mode” encrypt/decrypt?

    thank you

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    Hello Stephen,

    You can still encrypt many files in a single operation with the Free version, for example via right-click.


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    Gerald Lerman

    To take this feature a little further, I would like to see the secure folders automatically encrypt and optionally rename files. I want to set up some automated copy processes and would like the files to be encrypted in the destination directory when copied. Any plans for this?



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    Hello Gerald,

    We originally implemented Secure Folders like that. Unfortunately, there’s no way for AxCrypt to know ‘who’ or ‘why’ a file is created in the secured folder, and this caused serious problems.

    A simple exampe:

    You start Word, type some text, save your document in a ‘Secure Folder’. Boom – it get’s encrypted automatically. Word is now very confused, but it’s perception is that the file it just saved, just got deleted. Which it did. But it doesn’t have a clue that it’s now in AxCrypt-encrypted format.

    Many similar situations caused us to abandon the automatic encryption, and instead have the ‘clean up’ broom so *you* decide when it’s time to encrypt the new files.

    While we’re not there yet, plans include a really good command line AxCrypt that could be used for scenarios like yours, but for now, sorry – we don’t support it fully.

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