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    This isn’t a bug; it’s an issue.

    I downloaded AxCrypt to keep my personal local files secure from other admins using a shared admin account. So, we all use the computer on the same admin account–or even if it wasn’t the same admin account it doesn’t matter–we are all admins and could take over any admin account we wanted.

    To my dismay, when I right click a file and choose AxCrypt –> Encrypt, it doesn’t ask me for a custom password, it just encrypts it. Then, to my horror, when I click Decrypt, it doesn’t ask me for a password, it just decrypts it. AxCrypt 1 would have worked perfectly for my needs, where version 2 seems to be worthless to me for this purpose.

    Is there a setting or workaround I can use to get the desired behavior? I’d like to set a custom password, and it *must* ask me for the password each time I try to decrypt a file. Also, I don’t like AxCrypt always being run under my personal email address when others might want to use it too–on the same PC, as an admin, on the same admin account.

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    Hi Gabriel,

    I understand the shared admin account – but you don’t leave the system signed in with admin access do you?

    AxCrypt will automatically sign out when the windows account is logged out, or the screen saver goes active etc. So it should really work quite well for you in this case.

    However, AxCrypt is not multi-user right now. We’ll be adding that function in the future.

    It’s an extremely unusual situation – shared Admin account where you work with personal sensitive information.

    So, no, it’s not perfect for that situation, but apart from the fact that it will remember your email-address (which should not be a secret for your co-admins though), it should work quite well given that you actually sign out or at least enable the screen saver when you leave the system.

    If I missed anything, please let me know!

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    Thanks for the info and quick response. I just uninstalled v2 and went back to v1.7.3180.0, and it works perfect for my use case. Basically, I’m just using AxCrypt in this particular case in order to put passwords on any type of file–including those that you normally can’t password protect. I hope you can give the option for the old functionality so that we can choose to have the v1.7 interface in v2.

    Signing out of the shared admin account is not practical. Setting the screensaver is a work-around but very non-ideal. Here’s our use case for AxCrypt:

    We are on a shared work computer. All work computers are horribly ridiculously locked down: no admin rights, China-like fascist firewall, no USB devices allowed even, except keyboards and mice. However, a small group of us are computer programmers, so we got a special machine, off the network, with a separate, open internet even, for use for software and firmware development.  All of us in this small group are developers, and this is our unlocked development PC that we periodically use and share. At any given moment one guy might be running data collections software up that he wants on constantly, while someone else sits down for half a day to program. Therefore, since we are all using the same or similar applications, and we are all admins on the same computer (but we occasionally need to drop a personal file we need protected), we aren’t logging out between users, and sometimes we explicitly prevent the screensaver from coming on so that the background software can run on 1 monitor while others work on the other monitors (it has 4 monitors).

    So….AxCrypt 2 is poorly set up for our particular case. I think having an option for AxCrypt 1-like functionality would be nice.

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    Also, a few more comments:

    1. right-clicking a URL in Windows Explorer with AxCrypt 2 does NOT bring up the context menu for AxCrypt (it should, but doesn’t), but for v 1.7 it does. Please fix for v2.
    2. the “Encrypt Copy to .EXE” option in AxCrypt v1.7 is *really* nice! If this feature is not in v2, please bring it back. I regularly need to share un-passwordable, sensitive files with people who don’t have AxCrypt, and that’s a great feature to have.
    3. I use Linux all the time. If you could make this program cross-platform to work with Linux too that would be phenomenal. I really like AxCrypt 1.7. It’s a great program.


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    Thanks for the extra info, and that *is* one strange work environment…

    1 – What you mean “right-clicking an URL”? A shortcut?

    2 – See .

    3 – We’re working on cross-platform, right now in beta for mobile iOS and Android apps. Next step Mac OS X, which we thing as a spinoff will support Linux with minimal extra work, so there’s hope!

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