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    I encrypted a folder containing numerous files. I was able to decrypt one file and be able to toggle through and open other files without decrypting each file. I exited Axcrypt, reopened Axcrypt and added more files to the encrypted folder. Now I have to decrypt each file within the folder to view it. Why? How can I correct it so once I decrypt one file within the encrypted folder I can view all files without decrypting each one?


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    Hello BP,

    It’s really hard to know exactly from your description. The way it’s supposed to work is.

    1) Install AxCrypt.

    2) Sign up with your email, verify your email with the 6-digit code, set your password.

    3) Sign in with your password.

    4) Encrypt your files.

    5) Exit AxCrypt for whatever reason.

    6) Start AxCrypt, sign in with the same password you used before.

    7) Encrypt or decrypt your files without specifying any more passwords.

    Not sure where you diverged from the above in your case. Can you perhaps send a screen shot of the situation?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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