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    Herman Susser

    Well I think when I rebuilt windows I may have forgotten to reinstall Axcrypt. So I uninstalled what I found and reinstalled Axcrypt. I unencrypted one of my old files and now when I click on any of them they open without a request to unencrypt. I have done some reading but don’t find anything I understand as the solution or if there is even an issue. thank you.

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    Hey Everyone,

    AC is working fine, but I’ve encountered a problem with the saving. If I open a standard office document (unencrypted), I can ‘save as’ to the original location opened from.¬†Open decrypting an .axx file, it defaults to the default system file save location.

    This isn’t a dealbreaker, but annoying for clients that have to re-navigate back to the share\folder that they believe they opened it from.

    Is there a registry entry or something that AC can recall where it was opened from so the contents can be saved there??

    Thanks in advance!

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    AxCrypt 1 had “remember this passphrase for decryption” as an option, while AxCrypt 2 always does this via the sign in mechanism.

    What this means is that it’s working as designed. Once you are signed in, documents and files should open without asking for a password, until signed out. You can sign out from the menu, and you’ll also be signed out automatically when the computer goes to sleep or the screen saver goes active.

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    First – please don’t ‘hijack’ threads with one subject, with a post on another subject. Just start a new thread instead!

    Anyway, the problem with ‘Save As’ and AxCrypt is that a file opened by AxCrypt is temporarily decrypted to a temporary location under %localappdata%\AxCrypt . That’s where the default ‘Save As’ location is.

    While I do believe we can set the working directory to the original location, I’m not sure all applications will honor it. We’ll investigate and see how it works though. Follow the issue here:¬† .

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    I completely apologize, I though i was in the root of the forum channel. Please feel free to move it out or delete it and I can repost if necessary. Thanks for looking into it! sorry Herman!

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    No problem! Good luck.

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