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    When I attach a file that is apparently encrypted,  as a test I sent it to myself at a different email addresss.

    It did NOT ask me for a password !     Yet it indicates it is encrypted.   However, when I click on it the file opens and everything is there — in plain view.

    What am i doing wrong?    I use Chrome / gmail.

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    while you’re logged in to AxCrypt 2, it’s not a bug – it’s a feature. When you double click an encrypted file, it will be temporarilly decrypted and encrypted, when you close the file.



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    Hello Sandra,

    Thanks Ralf for your input. A little more additional info:

    AxCrypt is at it’s core, a password based file-encryption software. A file is always openable with the password used by the original encrypting person.

    So, if you encrypt a file, share it with a different e-mail (that you control), sign in to that e-mail, download the file and open it in a situation where AxCrypt is running and you’re signed in with the password that was originally used – you can open it.

    In your likely scenario, it’s even more easy – since you’re sending it to your self, of course you can open it if you’re signed in to AxCrypt just as Ralf states – it’s still the same file (or rather an identical copy). Just because you share it, does not mean you cannot still open it yourself.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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