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    I’m am currently testing this functionality out for use within our organisation. I can export the sharing key from one account, then import that key to another axcrypt account, but when i send a file thats been encrypted from the first account, to the second, it asks me for the password.

    That password is the one that has been setup by the first account.

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    Hello Daniel,

    Not 100% sure what you are trying to do – but you should probably stay away from the import/export key functionality. It’s not intended for general use, it’s only for some very special scenarios.

    Can you please explain what you are trying to achieve, i.e. what is the situation you’re testing out?

    If it’s about sharing encrypted files within the team, you should look at the key sharing functionality. There’s a introductory video about that as well via .

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    I am lost as to how to share an encrypted file. When I select encrypt the software does not ask me for a password for my file. I would like to have an easy to remember password for an encrypted file for the person opening it the other end.  The password I use to open the software is too complicated to send to someone receiving an encrypted doc.  The link you published above just seems to take me to the AxCrypt home page.

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    Hello Caroline,

    Concerning the password issue, with AxCrypt 2 you only need to enter the password once, per session. It’s by design. AxCrypt will sign out automatically when your screen saver goes active etc. Svante  wrote a blog post about some common concerns here:

    For the easy key sharing feature, you don’t have to share your password. To share a file key without sharing password, go through the following steps:


    •   Choose an encrypted file ;

    •   Press the icon « + » on the software ;

    •   Select the team member you want to share it to, with his email address.

    •   Send the team member the encrypted file. The person will be able to decrypt it, without password.

    Note that the person you’re sending the file has to use AxCrypt 2 with the email address you shared the file.

    See our YouTube tutorial about Key sharing here:

    Best Regards,




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