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    R Skermer


    I can open a an encrypted excel file just by double clicking it.

    I believe I have follow process: rgt click excel item, encrypt.

    or Rgt click excel item, advanced, drag in file, encrypts, close file, double click encrypted file and it opens

    Also new to this and expected a password each time on each file…not there anymore

    Must admit I’m a little lost



    Rob…apologise in advance if missed something fundamental


    Rob…apologise if this second send…not certain as query about missing e-mail address?? another “I’m Lost’!



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    Robert M

    When you “sign in” to AxCrypt,  your password is cached so that encryption and decryption are automatic until and unless you sign out.

    If you don’t want files to decrypt automatically, you have to “sign out” of AxCrypt.

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    As Robert says… Thank you, Robert!

    There’s a related blog post about some aspects of this here: .

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    R Skermer


    Thanks for the help.  Yes I know understand the change of principal.

    Made me think.  I did prefer the previous Axcrypt 1 process BUT I agree that overall security of the computer is paramount.

    My main concern has always been the theft of the PC or it’s contents, regarding private data.  So this has made me rethink my approach.

    many regards

    R Skermer



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    Hello Rob!

    Glad we could help you out.

    For the theft scenario, nothing really has changed security-wise between AxCrypt 1 and 2, since it’s unlikely (I h0pe) that someone would actually steal your computer with you being fully logged in to Windows. And, even in AxCrypt 1, there was a check box to remember the password and then it would stay remembered until you signed off, not just a screen saver went active or so. So in that situation, AxCrypt 2 is actually better than 1.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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