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    Hi Svante,

    not sure if I did anything wrong, but I came across this problem: I have been opening and editing the same file (on a USB pen) from two different computers, and I ended up with two different files. I mean, the changes made on one computer were saved on one file, while other changes (made on a second computer) were saved on the other file. In other words, I have been adding (and saving) figure to one file, while I did not find the same figures opening the file on the other computer. Hope it makes sense.

    On my main computer I have been using the “full” software, on the other computer I have been using the standalone version.

    Has it anything to do with temporary files? and /or with the fact that sometimes we need to click on the “broom” icon to encrypt and fully remove some files?



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    Hello Max,

    Simultaneous editing of files is generally speaking not possible. It’s essentially always a case of “last change wins”.

    And, yes, the broom if red does indicate that the “real” file has not been updated. When you do, please note that it’ll be the last one to update who “wins”.

    So, when you’re editing files from different locations, you need to ensure that you’ve really saved (and in the case of AxCrypt, cleaned) on one computer before moving to the other. This is the same principle with, or without, encryption.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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