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    My husband is looking to remove “TrueCrypt” encryption after using it for what he needed it for. He tried to follow the process on the website but had two problems. Two drives encrypted (1.4tb and 0.5tb) and they are encrypted with AES.

    1) Move all files from the TrueCrypt volume to any location outside the TrueCrypt volume. Because he is using a full 1.4 TB drive, couldn’t move it anywhere.

    2) Got the error “The system partition/drive does not appear to be encrypted (neither partially nor fully). He mounted the drives and tried to use system > Pertinently decrypt system partition/ drive.

    We just want to get this off and need some help.

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    We’re actually providing another software than TrueCrypt / VeraCrypt. Our software is AxCrypt, which works very differently but complements TrueCrypt.

    We can’t provide support on others’ software. For what it’s worth, your strategy is likely to be to copy the files from the encrypted container/drive to a non-encrypted drive. You’ll need to provide new free space equivalent to the total amount of files in the encrypted drives to get the files out of there.

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    Okay, thank you for answering.

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