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    Brian Bass

    I have moved to version 2.1.1403.0 of AxCrypt and have my screen saver set for 22 minutes.  It activates, but when I return to my computer, AxCrypt is still logged in and all files are available.  I thought the screen saver was supposed to auto-log-out of AxCrypt.  I am running Windows 10 Pro.


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    Thanks for pointing this out.

    You’re probably running the screen saver without enabling the option to show the log on screen when it deactivates. We really, really, recommend users to enable this option so that it requires a password when the screen saver is deactivated.

    However, we’ll make sure AxCrypt signs out even in this case. You can follow the issue here: .

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    Brian M Bass

    OK, so the newer version now logs we out of AxCrypt when the screen saver is activated (Thanks) and I see you have marked the issue as resolved (agree), but now there is a new problem.  When I return from the screen saver I normally see (not always) the AxCrypt window on the screen saying (signed out), but the window is hung Not Responding.  The only thing I can do is “kill” the process, which then asks me if I want to wait or have Windows shut down the process and when I say yes windows then “searches for fixes to this problem”, which I also tell to cancel.  So, it is signing me out of AxCrypt, but not ending cleanly.

    Would be nice to end cleanly and start up a new session when I open an encrypted file.




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