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    Duncan Prince

    I’m using AxCrypt 2.1 free version.

    I’m trying to save changes to existing AxCrypt 128 bit encrypted files – created in an earlier version of Axcrypt.

    When I click save I get either:

    Exception during procesing of <fiel path and file name> [Access to the path is denied!]; or

    No error message – but file stamp is not updated indicating changes have not been saved.

    This applies to any of the 4 users who have a Windows local account including the account with Administrator permissions.

    Happens whether access a file stored locally on this desktop computer or on another computer in the same homegroup.

    I’m using Windows 10 64-bit.

    Any help appreciated.

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    The first issue “Exception…” can happen because of file sharing issues, or permissions, that I know of. Does this happen also when you access a local file? I’d very much like to work with you to solve this issue. Later this week, we’ll probably try to release a version with some more diagnostics output for this kind of situation.

    The second issue may not be an issue as such. AxCrypt 2 uses a more robust method for the automatic re-encryption, which sometimes means you as the user has to tell AxCrypt to do it. You’ll see this by the “broom” icon becoming red. This indicates there’s something in need of “clean up”, i.e. re-encryption.


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    Duncan Prince

    Hi Svante

    I get this exception problem even when working with files local to this desktop computer.

    It only happens when using Axcrypt.

    If I work with the unencrypted file – whether the file is stored locally or on a remote computer within our homegroup – I do not get any errors when logged on as any of the 4 windows user accounts.




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    Hello Duncan,

    Can you update your software to 2.1.1392 and try again?

    If you do get the same message, please first to the File menu, select Options, and then Debug.

    You’ll get a new Debug menu.

    In the Debug menu, select “Open Error Report Snapshot”.

    A text editor should open. Follow the instructions there.

    Thank you!

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    Duncan Prince

    Hello Svante

    I’m glad to say there are no exception errors so far when using version 2.1.1392.

    Would you tell me what file open methods should be supported when using AxCrypt.

    If I save an AxCrypt file shortcut to the desktop and double click that nothing opens.

    If I use File Explorer and browse to the AxCrypt file and double click it nothing happens.

    Similarly if I pin an AxCrypt file to the taskbar and select that it does not open.

    I can only get a file to open by selecting file open from the AxCrypt window or selecting a file from the AxCrypt recent file list.

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    Hello Duncan!

    Since you’re saying double-click doesn’t work, I’m also guessing the file icon is not our fine AxCrypt icon, but just a blank.

    If so, this indicates that you have not *installed* AxCrypt, but you’re running the portable version.

    On the download page, you’ll find 3 different downloads. You’ll want the .MSI (Full Installer) version for 64-bit (most people nowadays are running 64-bit operating systems, if by chance you don’t pick the 32-bit .MSI).

    If you’ve downloaded the .EXE version, that does not install anything into Windows, including double-click association etc. But it is very convenient to have on a USB-stick for example, so you can bring to computers that does not have AxCrypt installed.


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    Duncan Prince

    Hello Svante

    Axcrypt was fully installed and the icons on both the desktop and in file Explorer do have the AxCrypt symbol (like a padlock).

    When I double click the shortcut or file I am prompted for the AxCrypt password and file then appears in Axcrypt’s Recent Files list but file is not opened – I’d expect Excel 2013 to launch.

    Excel is only launched if I then right click file shown in the Recent Files list then choose Open.

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    Omveer Singh

    On giving login-id & password, a popup window having the message “file encryption for .net and mono has stopped working” comes and it closes.

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    Hello Omveer,

    Please try not to double post, it just takes up time and resources we could be using to help you! See . The net effect being slower, not faster, response time!

    Best regards,


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    Duncan Prince

    Hello Svante
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’d appreciate your response to yesterday’s post – perhaps there are workarounds I need to follow or you have any other suggestions.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Duncan</p>

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    Sorry, your post got hidden by the attempted thread hijack…

    I’m not sure if I understand, but there is an annoying bug that causes the first launch of a document after entering the password fail. Or, rather, if you’re signed out, and then double-click in Windows Explorer then AxCrypt is opened and you’re asked to enter the password. You do, and then nothing happens. If you double-click again it opens.

    Is this what you’re seeing?

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    Hello Duncan,

    Your issues are a bit unusual. However, we’ve just released a new build (2.1.1393) which addresses some timing and other issues that may affect your experience.

    Please try it out, and if you’re still having problems, I’d really appreciate screen shots of the situation.



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    Duncan Prince

    Hello Svante

    I have a theory the reason why my files are not opening either from a desktop shortcut or from File Explorer is because they were created in an earlier version of AxCrypt.

    My desktops were using this installation package:


    If I create a new Excel file and encrypt it using the latest AxCrypt package everything works just fine.

    If this is the explanation how can I “convert” my existing files so they work in the same way. Should I decrypt then encrypt using the latest AxCrypt version for example?

    In any event here are the steps I followed to reproduce the problem.

    Version installed:

    64-bit    AxCrypt-2.1.1393.0-x64.msi         AxCrypt 2             Full Setup

    1.      Double click desktop shortcut (file stored on another Windows 10 Home PC in this homegroup)

    2.      AxCrypt login password prompt displayed.

    Password entered

    3.      An instance of Excel is NOT launched

    4.      AxCrypt GUI shows this:

    File                              Time                                         Secured                                       Algorithm

    email_lists.xlsx         19/05/2016 22:22:143       \\ADMIN-PC\Users\Publi…   AES-128-V1

    5.      If I highlight the file, right click, then select Open the file opens in Excel.


    Note: If I create a new file in the same location I can open the AxCrypt file with no problem – either from a desktop shortcut or from File Explorer.





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    Hello Duncan,

    Thanks for all the details. I’ve tried really hard during the day to reproduce your problem, unfortunately without success. I.e. I’m successful in using AxCrypt as it’s intended without the problems you are having.

    I’m surprised about your question concerning conversion – from version 2.1.1392, AxCrypt will suggest that you enable auto-conversion mode in which situation all your documents will be automatically converted to the new format as you use them.

    Have you not seen this? You can also find this option under File | Options.


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    Hello again Duncan,

    I just noticed that the path to the file is a UNC path. Is the actual file on a network?


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