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    Pete Raymond

    All my files are encrypted with a AxCrypt (not Premium) with AES 128.  If I upgrade to Premium because I want AES 256, will I need to decrypt all the files with the old AxCrypt before upgrading to Premium, and then encrypt them all again with Premium?

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    Hello Pete,

    You’ll always be able to open older files, and always decrypt and open Premium-encrypted files even if you stop subscribing to Premium.

    So, AxCrypt 2 can open any AxCrypt-encrypted file, regardless of whether it’s encrypted with AxCrypt 1 or 2 Free or Premium.

    AxCrypt 1 cannot decrypt any file encrypted with AxCrypt 2.

    However, right now we don’t have a single “upgrade all files” function so right now if you go Premium files will be upgraded as you go along. We’ll be providing such a function shortly.

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    Hi Svante,

    I’m currently thinking about using AxCrypt on my new Win10 laptop…

    In case I would like to go premium after the 30-day-trial, which possibilities exist to pay for the premium version? Is it credit card, invoice, PayPal, …?

    Thanks for letting me know.


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    Hello Mike,

    Currently we support PayPal, and PayPal in turn support credit cards (without opening a PayPal account actually).

    We’re planning another payment integration, but it’s not decided or developed yet.

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    Hi Svante,

    thanks for letting me know…

    One more question: all tutorials/videos I’ve found so far require the user to “log in” via user name/mail address provided during registration.

    Does this mean that I have to be necessarily “online” to use AxCrypt?
    Or will en-/decryption still be possible in an offline environment?

    How is the free/premium status checked in the offline case?


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    AxCrypt works fine in offline mode with no Internet or server access, except of course for the features which are server based. But plain encryption/decryption is of course fully offline functions. Currently you do need server access the first time you install AxCrypt on a new computer, but not thereafter. We’ll enable pure offline registration in the not too far distant future, if nothing else to ensure everyone that regardless of our servers or our business still operating you can always access your files, even after getting a new computer.

    Premium status is checked and updated when online, and the state is cached until the next time. Is it possible to find how this is done and cheat? Sure. But do you really want to mess with and hack an encryption application, all in order to deny us hard working developers a few bucks so we can continue to support and develop this application?

    Also, several of the Premium functions are server based (that’s one of the reasons it’s a subscription, not a license) and thus a local hack won’t help.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    But do you really want to mess with and hack an encryption application, all in order to deny us hard working developers a few bucks so we can continue to support and develop this application?

    No, for sure not.
    My question was only related to the online/offline state and if working with AxCrypt is somehow bound to being online.
    Which you stated is not…


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    No, I would not expect that you or most people would deny me a few bucks for the Premium features if they found them useful. I was a bit ironic, and also am a full believer in full disclosure, and this is a public forum so that was more for the benefit of other readers who may pose the follow-up question – if the Premium status is stored locally, can I hack it?

    Good luck!


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    I bought the Premium version of Axcrypt,

    How do you go from the free version to the premium version

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    Hi Infogroup,

    I’m a Premium Customer as well.

    You need to sign-out of AxCrypt [File | Sign Out].

    Once you’ve signed out all you need to do is sign back in and AxCrypt upgrades to Premium.  You then get access to all of the extra features and the extra-secure AES-256 encryption.

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    Thanks Dennis!

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    I disconnected and then reconnected,
    But I still do not have the Premium version
    Right click on the file => Retitrez
    I have a dialog box:
    This feature is only available with Premium
    Second problem:
    Losque I want to decrypt, I also have a dialog
    Unexpected error
    Non-compliant characters in the path

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    Hello Infogroup,

    Please sign in to your account at and create a Premium support ticket. If you don’t have Premium there either send an email to support att axcrypt dott net .

    Please include screenshots of the error messages you are getting.

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