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    David Thomas

    I setup a couple folders as secured and the data in them encrypted, but when I added new data, it did not encrypt.  I logged in and out of AxCrypt, but the file remained unencrypted.  What am I doing wrong.

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    Hello David!

    Files in secured folders will not encrypt entirely automatically – but when clicking the red broom icon, or signing out of AxCrypt. So that’s unexpected.

    Are you sure they are really not encrypted? Once you are signed in to AxCrypt they will open without further prompting of the password. You can tell if they are encryped, if they are displayed with the AxCrypt-icon and end with .axx.

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    I installed the trial version of Premium to get the secured folder feature.  When the trial period expires, what happens to the secured folders if I choose to NOT purchase Premium ?  Or, asked another way, if I purchased Premium for a year, adn then chose to NOT renew it, what would happen to my secured folder(2) ?

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    Hello Paul,

    The only thing that happens is that the folders are not monitored thereafter – the files remain secured, and you can still open them and update them (although the updated files will use AES-128 instead of AES-256).

    So, when you premium expires, the files in the secured folders will stay secured, but if you add new files to the folders you’ll have to manually instruct AxCrypt to encrypt them.

    We will never lock you out of your information when your Premium expires, and we’ll never change the level of security for files encrypted – unless of course you modify and re-encrypt them as explained above.

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