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    Hi Savante,

    It seems that there is always a first time for everything: this is the first time I ever lost all the contents on a ZIP file.
    My ZIP file has many files, with about 3 level of nested directories. The ZIP file is itself encrypted, while some files contained are encrypted and others are not.

    I was renaming an encrypted file within the ZIP file. I finished renaming and, while ZIP was recalculating, all the files disappeared and I was presented with the root of an empty ZIP file. This was done while the ZIP was opened by AxCrypt.

    The original file has about 200 MB, the empty ZIP file now has 5 KB. Luckily I have a week old backup.

    AxCrypt 2.1.1404.0

    ZIP 9.20

    Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1 with all the important updates



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    Hello Rico,

    This is very bad indeed. First of all, please update to 2.1. 1444 (if that in fact was not what do have).

    I’m not quite sure what happened here. You’re saying that you renamed a file within the decrypted zip, and then “all the files disappeared” – from where? The zip?

    I’ll have to try to recreate this. Follow the progress here: .

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    Hi Svante,

    The ZIP file became an ’empty’ file with minimum KBs. It was like a new .zip file with no content. I just noticed that I did not mention the software used to manage the ZIP files: I use 7-Zip, and I am not sure that this is an AxCrypt issue.

    I was able to recover all my files from backup and I am not able to reproduce the issue. Although I find it interesting that some files, unencrypted, were found in AxCrypt temp directories. I cannot recall the exact situation that created these unencrypted files.



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