CTO / Lead Developer

About Us

AxCrypt is one of the world’s most popular file encryption solutions, with over 10 million users over the past 18 years. Our product consists of applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, along with a high performance web server infrastructure and several support applications. Everything is built in .NET/C#, a lot is open source under GPL and we also have automated procedures in place for localization, builds and deploys.

We are now expanding to take AxCrypt to the next level. A lot of exciting plans are coming up and we want you to be a part of it!


  • Completed studies in the computer science field
  • High level of team management and product leadership
  • Experience of at least 5 years .NET/C# development
  • Have formal software development and advanced cryptographic knowledge, as well as first practicing experience
  • Understand how mission critical software development needs to be safe, not on the leading or bleeding edge of technology
  • Fluent proficiency in written and spoken English

Job Description

For this role, you will be charged with taking AxCrypt to the next level; leading our development team is your main responsibility. You will oversee and manage all their activities and are responsible for their work. Besides that, we expect you to guide the development team by designing and developing architecture and code from our office in Stockholm, Sweden. 

You should be a careful security-minded developer with an eye for detail. In this leadership position, you need to focus on the team’s performance in order to be successful. The development core is primarily backend, but frontend experience and skills are meriting and useful. Advanced understanding of encryption is required, and we expect you to eventually because an expert in this area. 

An important personal characteristic would be the ability to write and test that works under heavy load, and be a fast learner. We expect you to learn quickly, mostly by reading code, scripts and existing configuration. 

The AxCrypt technologies include a wide range of C#/.NET software and scripts in various languages, including many support tools that tie the continuous integration and installer building together, as well as tools to manage financial reporting from payment providers handling complex EU accounting rules and currency conversions.

To apply, click the button below or send your resume with personal letter to apply@axcrypt.net.

P.S. Don’t skip the personal letter, we’d love to hear more about you and why we should have you on our team!

Skill set

  • Windows Server configuration, management and security lock down
  • DNS including understanding of SPF, CAA, DMARC and other related technologies
  • Cygwin, Exim and SMTP-related configuration and management
  • JSON REST API’s using .NET Wep Api both as a producer and consumer
  • NUnit unit testing framework
  • Multi-threading and async programming

Knowledge of the following areas is meriting

  • Frontend-development with ASP.NET MVC including both legacy technology such as Foundation, JavaScript, jQuery and more up-to-date technologies.
  • Xamarin development in iOS and/or Android with Xamarin Forms and/or Mac OS X with XWT.
  • Native app development in iOS and/or Android and/or Mac OS X.
  • Encryption techniques including both symmetrical and asymmetrical algorithms and applications.
  • MSBuild custom targets and configuration.
  • SSH configuration and use, including port tunneling.
  • TeamCity continuous integration server.
  • WiX installer.
  • Basic marketing and financial accounting concepts.
  • Performance optimization and tools.