Business User Registration

You should have received this link from someone in your organization, or from AxCrypt AB, because your company is about to start using AxCrypt to secure confidential files.

In order to get started, you need to verify that your email is correct, then set a personal secret password and finally download and install the software.

There are many ways through the process, here we assume that you do not already have an account or have AxCrypt installed on your PC.

The verification e-mail

The first thing to happen should be that you receive an email in your inbox, looking similar to the following:

Open the email, looking similar to:

Follow the instructions, and click on “Verify AxCrypt ID”.

The Verification Process

You will be taken to a web page:

Type a password (NOT the one used as a sample here!). It must be at least 10 characters, and strong.

Re-type it once again.

Click “Verify”. Now you see:

Click on the AxCrypt logo to go to the main site.

Download and Install AxCrypt

The main site:

Click on the “Download” link. The download page is displayed:

Click on the link, and follow the normal procedure for downloading and installing software.