Privacy policy

We respect your privacy – that is one of the main reasons why we made AxCrypt available. We also believe that you, as one of our users, are more concerned about this than the average computer user.

During the installation and registration procedure it will contact one of our servers and send us some minimal information.

This information may include, and is limited to:

  • Your e-mail, if you specified it.
  • Your Windows version, i.e. Windows Vista/2008/7/8/10 etc.
  • Your selected language, i.e. English or French etc.
  • The context, i.e. during install, after installation etc.
  • The product, i.e. AxCrypt.
  • The product version being installed.
  • The information that is always sent whenever you use a web browser, as this is the way the contact is made with our server. This includes your IP-address.

It’s obvious why we need some of the information.

The other information is practical for us to see how and where AxCrypt is being used, so as to better prioritize development. It also to gives us a nice warm feeling seeing how much it’s being installed!