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Hello stephen!

Not if you *change* the password, i.e. sign in to the account, and use settings and *change* the password by first entering the old and then the new.

Our logs indicate that it was indeed a password *reset* that was performed, not a password *change*.

If you *reset* the password, i.e. request a password reset link without signing in with your existing password, then any files previously key shared with you will become inaccessible to you using the new password. If you think about it, this makes sense both from an intuitive security point of view, as well as from a technical encryption point of view. If all that was required to decrypt a file was to gain access to an email with a password reset link, AxCrypt would not be very secure, and not really be an encryption software but rather an access control software.

So, yes, the sender will not only have to re-send the file but re-key share it so it will use your new AxCrypt ID to do the sharing, and then re-send it.