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Hello everyone,

I think feedback is good and we all try to contribute. A few comments touched some good points. I used to be a fan of TrueCrypt and later, VeraCrypt and just this month I decided to try AxCrypt 2 and I find it to be easy to use, intuitive steps to decrypt and encrypt files.

I wonder why people who find themselves in this debate and require more than what AxCrypt tool provides don’t set up a process that would provide them with a multi-point system using for example two different tools, or yet an encrypt file and a password. Use in conjunction with winzip for example. (and not necessarily to include every file, just the most sensitive ones).

In my experience, most theft of data is done when the file is available, someone forgot to lock their workstation for example.

For you that needs that ” extra security” you can pay for services that will provide just that. Or yet, buy a Hardware based encrypted HD with a keypad and place encrypted files within.

Security always begs for answers related to cost/benefit. And that applies to every level of security. And if you see in percentages, most breaches happened by people who already have or had access to the data, access to someone that had access to the data or “social engineering”.

I see more people loosing the data for not establishing a proper set of protocols to keep their password or simply for not following the proper instructions to encrypt the data in the first place. The loss occurs for loosing access to the data and not for theft.

Even experienced people with other encryption tools commit mistakes once in awhile.

I think Svante is right and made a very good point. For that 1% that has the need of such “mission impossible”  level of security is being naive by believing that one software alone should be the answer for all their needs. Security, especially of digital data is normally a set of protocols put in place for prevention of theft.

Even though I have not used your tool for long I already love it! – I have not seen any reason to request changes to it. It fits its purpose and the price is right!

You are even giving the chance for people to use the fruits of your hard work for free!

When I see people asking for more without paying a dime I simply do not understand.

May be, just may be it is time for them to right their own tool and make it available on the market!

Thanks for the incredible tool.