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Jack C.

I’m not sure you’re getting the main reasons for dissatisfaction with v2 over v1.

The change that “irked” most users is the lack of instantly changeable passwords that v1 had. You’re now required to use just one password unless you put effort into constantly changing it, which isn’t the same as instant custom passwords. You’re also asked to integrate the program with an email address and some data (assuredly not the password itself) is kept on a server, which makes some of us nervous. We want no cloud involvement with encryption, though the email aspect of v2 can be bypassed with a trick.

V1 works as a stand-alone program and is favored by many people because it doesn’t put constraints on passwords. Many people don’t want the same password for all their encryption, similar to web logons where it’s advised to never repeat a password. We have different categories of files with different levels of privacy, along with needing to share some files with novice or elderly users who resist anything except known passwords they can type.

Also, the pseudo-container (drag & drop) aspect of v2  put off some users who found it too abstract vs. working directly on files in their native folders, but it doesn’t need to operate in that mode so that’s not a big deal for me.

The author has indicated willingness to add custom passwords in v2. I’m waiting to see how that goes, and using v1 for now.