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Garry G. Green

Hello Mr. Svante:

Just intellectually (between you and I), if I compare on my system the number of 64 vs 32 bit softwares (hell, I’ll go count): 12×64 bit; 42×32 bit.  Sure the core applications such as Office can be 64 bit (but even those come with caveats on compatibility) and anything outside of the core – I’d seriously say are 80-85% 32 bit.  There isn’t much s/w out there that truly requires a 64 bit address space.  I’m an expert developer on IBM Mainframes – they too are 64 bit today but not much other than in-memory-data resides there (I’ve never developed for the PC market).

Explorer and friends – I mean as you and I are sure to agree, are file managers.  While dragging icons does seem more fun than cutting/pasting a line mode selection, it does mean having to find open turf on my screen to have both application windows visible to drag – my point is that while Explorer and XYPLORER are both file managers, their user interface is why I prefer one to the other and user interfaces (arguably) are in the eyes of the beholder.  I have always major disliked the file manager that came with Windows – from Win 3.1 onwards.

Apparently XYPLORER is only 32 bit because MS hasn’t decided if (just re-quoting what I read today) if they will make a 64 bit version of Visual Basic which my understanding is what XYPLORER was written in.


1) Yes I understand that there is a limited market for needing a 32 bit shell handler on a 64 bit os – no argument.

2) I’ve never programmed on Windows, so I’ll take you at your word that it wouldn’t be difficult to install the 32 bit handler for W64 along with the 64 bit handler (what is long – a day, a week?)

3) I’ve tried above to argue that there is a lot more 32 bit s/w being used by the rank and file – aside from MAJOR apps, or maybe a brand spanking new app that never existed in 32 bit format, I still believe that by far most Windows s/w are 32 bit running under WOW on W64.  I even read today that people are dying to find a way to install WOW on WinPE (just in case you don’t know, WinPE is the bare bones Windows that is executed to install Windows; WOW is the MS layer that allows a 32 bit app to execute on Windows 64 otherwise only native-bitness programs could run – 32 bit app on 32 bit Windows and 64 bit app on 64 bit Windows.  They want to get WOW onto WinPE 64 bit for one reason – so that they can run 32 bit tools during the WinPE phase of Windows installs.  Many of the tools that have existed for years are only 32 bit.

So you’ll get no argument regarding the cost-feasibility-payback aspect.  But if it is a few hours to alter the install logic …………… yeah, I’m asking.  I’m asking nicely.