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as there’s no way to get to desktop without fingerprint log on anyway.

There actually is a very easy way of bypassing fingerprint authentication but this isn’t the forum to discuss that.

Are there any versions of axcrypt (old, new, whatever) that remain logged in until the windows user LOGS OUT

No, there aren’t.

if axcrypt had the functionality to work with fingerprint readers that would be ideal by my understanding is that few encryption softwares support such functionality.

Proper encryption software doesn’t have this functionality because it’s insecure and has nothing to do with encryption. It would require insecurely storing the – what is supposed to be a secure – encryption key in memory to magically ‘unlock’ once your fingerprint is used to authenticate. Hackers can extract this key and all your private data is gone. (Even Apple tell users not to use TouchID if they need ultimate security; it’s a convenience feature.)

…this feature be ‘forced’ onto users  (and neither is this necessary) as it can simply be added as an option.

It gives a false sense of security <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>and will not be added</span> as per previous discussions on here.