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Hello Robert,

Thank you for your input!

To download the old, version 1, go to, click on the logo top left to enter the site and then to the download page. (Direct links to the download page *will* redirect to the new version 2 download page.)

I must agree with Harry on one point, when you say that it’s a problem that you “must remember this complicated password you force the user to create” that you should reconsider your use of encryption.

There’s no point in using encryption software with a weak, easy-to-guess password. It might make you feel safe, but you’re not. The point with requiring at least a reasonably strong password with AxCrypt 2 is just that – to make it very clear that a strong password is required for the software to have any effect!

On another pont I’ll disagree with Harry – has far as I know AxCrypt 1 does work with Windows 10, the latest version of Windows. However – we don’t test it, we don’t verify it, we don’t maintain it and we don’t support it.