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Robert Baird

Perhaps you weren’t carefully reading what I said. I did not say it was ridiculous to use strong passwords. I use them all the time in conjunction with a password management utility. What I DID say was that I felt it ridiculous that you must login to Axcrypt using a strong password just in order to encrypt a file that I want to email to someone. I should be able to assign a strong password for the file after Axcrypt startup. Why must I log in to do this? Unless I intend to use Axcrypt as a password manager–which I don’t–then why is the login necessary? We should at least be given the option to install Axcrypt with or without the login requirement.

And what Harry said in his comment below is true: the old version works just fine in the current version of Windows. It’s too bad the developers of Axcrypt decided to make the new version so inflexible and to discontinue support for the old version. I’ll continue to use the older one for as long as it works.