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Hello Robert,

Sorry, but you meaning was not entirely clear about what was ridiculous ;-)

But the thing is – you then say “…just in order to encrypt a file that I want to email to someone…”. Well, provided that you do in fact care about the security of the file being sent, you must enter a password sometime.

With the old AxCrypt 1.x, in order to complete the sharing, you’ll have to agree upon and communicate that password. If you communicate with several parties, it soon becomes unmanageable. Also, each file thus encrypted will require you to know a separate password.

With AxCrypt 2.x, you “sign in” first. This then becomes the default password for encryption (and a little more, it verifies that you actually are using the right password, and not a typo).

Then, you select your recipients, identified by their email addresses to share with and add them as recipients. Each file thus encrypted will be openeable by your own secret password, and all the recipients separate own passwords – no need to keep track of different passwords, no need to communciate and/or agree on passwords. One password to rule them all!

Yes, it’s different. I think it is soo much better! But then I would, I guess, be a bit partial seeing as I am the lead developer of both the old and the new AxCrypt.