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Hello Debbie,

this is because your file is encrypted with a different password than you sign in with. Since you’re signed in with lets say “MySecret999”, but the file is encrypted with a different password decryption fails and AxCrypt asks you for the correct password. You then enter “MySecret999”, but AxCrypt has already tried this since you’re signed in  – so it tells you this that it’s no use to re-enter the sign in password. It’s already been tried and it doesn’t work.

You need to remember the password originally used to encrypt the file.

Please be aware that a password *reset* will *not* let you access previously encrypted files, that were encrypted with the password used before the reset. A password *reset* will only let you sign in, and will be used for new encryptions. To decrypt files encrypted with the previous password, you need to know that previous password.