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“In a perfect world” you win hands down.

What I meant is can I leave “our” computer shall we say “logged in” to Axcrypt V2 that would access all files in “call it” Crypt V2 giving all staff access to prices and deliveries (secure data) as long as the computer is active for work activity.  Then, log in to Axcrypt 2 with a different login name and password which would decrypt all files in “Crypt 2” but not “Crypt 1”?

Assuming you will say such an approach violates all logical uses of encryption, can you please provide me a location for Axcrypt 1?  I was unable to locate a legacy Axcrypt 1 download anywhere.   We have had the old (Axcrypt 1) system using 2 different passwords in place for so long it just won’t fly with HR & Sales.  I have been having to keep personnel files on a flash drive.