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OK, think of it this way. With Ver.1 we had 2 folders: HR, Sales. Both contain what we consider to be clasiffied data. HR contains personal information on me, the sales staff, and the HR staff; our salary, address, etc. The sales are folders for repeat customers, misc. inquiries, and our pricing and delivery promises. All of this is considered propriety. We don’t want everybody to have access to personal information so that folder’s password is kept by me and the secretary.

Now, with Ver.2 access to all encrypted files is granted to everyone. If I had say one ID (email name) with its password that provided access to all the files in the old “Sales” folder, then everybody using our system can access it directly – this is a big gain with Ver.2 (don’t have to enter the password every time you switch files). But, the “HR” folder (I now keep it on a flash drive) based on Axcrypt’s Ver.2 protocol becomes accessible to all because all encrypted files are always open unless Axcrypt is logged out.

My question is if I had 2 IDs with 2 different passwords accessible (one for each file folder) then by leaving “Sales” open with its ID & PW for sales everyone using the computer can process orders. When HR wants to enter that folder one of us would have to log out of the Sales files and log into the HR files. Thus I have 2 logins and 2 passwords to switch between. All files are encrypted and secure when both are logged out.

Yes, multiple devices are much less cumbersome and more secure, but we are happy with what we had and keeping HR data on a thumb drive is a real pain. Everybody working on the same machine keeps everybody and all working files updated. We’re not that big and we interact well together. We are what is referred to as a TEAM and keep eachother up to date. Anyone answering a call can immediately research the latest information even if we didn’t enter the order.

Super on legacy (Ver.1). If you do not approve of my option, then I will follow your directions and uninstall Ver.2. Thanks much, BOB