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Hello Bob,

You write: “Thus I have 2 logins and 2 passwords to switch between. All files are encrypted and secure when both are logged out.“.

Yes, that works fine, and is the way it’s supposed to be used – but, what I’m trying to say is that with one single Windows Account on the computer, it is very inconvenient to switch AxCrypt user.

You mention “multiple devices are much less cumbersome and more secure“. That is not what I am suggesting you need.

I am saying that the same physical Windows PC should have (at least) two different Windows accounts on them. A Windows computer is designed to be used by multiple persons. This works by creating different accounts on the computer, preferably on per physical person using the computer.

You’d place the the shared, but encrypted, files on a shared folder in the computer – that’s a folder that everyone on the same computer can access from their respective accounts.

Using different accounts has the added advantage of separating personal files, browsing history, bookmarks in the browser, saved passwords and other sign in sessions etc etc.

One computer – many persons with different accounts.