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Hello Savage,

I am sorry to hear this. This is certainly not the typical user experience! It really does work very well for 100s of thousands of users… We’d love to help you out, if you give us the chance.

Looking a little at our logs, there seems to be some issues on “your” side of things. The title says “freezes screen”, but we can see quite a bit of activity. It doesn’t look intentional, but you start by creating an account – where a one letter of the user name email 5 characters before the ‘@’ is a ‘g’. Then a little later you try again, but create a new accout where the letter in that position is now a ‘d’.

You’re also it seems bouncing a bit back and forth between the app and the web page – while that will work, it may be confusing.

Finally, it looks like you never succeeded in verifying the account – that’s the standard procedure used almost universally by service providers like us where we send an email to the registered email adress with a unique code. This in order to ensure that the person registering really has access to the email inbox and has spelled the email corrrectly.

So, I’d appreciate it if you could tell me if the screen really *freezes* – or you mean that you can’t get past the sign in screen?

You might be helped by seeing how it’s supposed to work here: . Read more at .