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Yes thank you.  It was my own fault; I had miss-typed my own email address which led to the sign in problem.  That will teach me to use my phone for verification emails rather than another window on the computer.  Possibly using both froze the computer windows resulting in me having to do a hard restart to get out of the windows.  Sorry, I take back what I said.  I’m a grumpy old sod when it comes to computers etc. and I’m looking for an encryption program to secure the text and illustrations of a book I’m in the process of writing, but have not yet completed so it is not yet protected by copyright.  I’m taking my computer abroad and may well use a public network to upload additions and alterations to google drive.

Password security manager would be an additional advantage.

Will probably invest in premium once I’ve had time to try the program out.  I work between two computers, one windows 10, the other windows 8 using Word.  I like to be able to refer to the text occasionally on my Android phone but try not to fight the keyboard there unless it is only a very minor alteration.  I’m at over 13,000 words and cannot afford to lose the files or research.  So I will keep another backup on USB drive.

Thanks again