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Thank you.  I appreciate your input and yes for the sake of ultimate security, each person should have his own computer with his own set of personal identities and passwords and probably all shared information should by secure at an off-site server location with at least 2-step login protocol (security trumps productivity).  Everything should be backed up off-site on some type of raid processor and air gapped.  But, what we had worked.

I have reverted to AxCrypt Ver.1x.  We still have our 2 folders, 1 computer, 2 passwords, and “all is right with the world”.  Regrettably, we all have our opinions of security.  Seemingly all attacks go forward on large institutional services that can afford to do things “the right way”.  Hopefully we will be able to remain clean and skate under the radar.  Thanks again and possibly don’t forget us losers struggling to keep up with using legacy programs.