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Azhaguraja B

Hello Paul,

Whenever a file is encrypted, it’s encrypted with a random key. That key, in turn, is encrypted with the user’s password AND with the users public key.

When the user changes the password on the website, the private key is re-encrypted with the new password.

When you change (not reset) your password for your AxCrypt ID account, *all* files previously encrypted with that AxCrypt ID account will automatically open with the new changed password.

When the user then sign-ins on the app with internet enabled, the local encrypted copy of the private key is updated with the new encrypted version from the server.

Thus, the user can actually “change” password for all his/her files.

Note that the file can actually still be opened with the original password, since the file encryption key is encrypted with that also, still (until it’s updated).

For more information about password change and reset, please check out our blog: .