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Hello Calisson,

AxCrypt works by having one instance of itself always running, that’s how it can stay signed in and keep track of files and events etc.

Some operations, notably those that are initiated from Windows Explorer, cause a secondary instance of itself to be launched. This secondary instance “talks” to the primary instance by connecting locally via TCP/IP (it’s a simple and fairly universal mechanism).

The error message indicates that it comes from a secondary instance trying to “talk” to the primary instance, but failing. AxCrypt uses port 53414 for this.

So, first of all – if you can start AxCrypt and sign in using it’s own window, not via Windows Explorer, that should still work fine. Do this by clicking the Windows or Start button, type “AxCrypt” and launch AxCrypt.

The actual problem is likely to be caused by a firewall blocking the use of TCP/IP, even internally in your computer. Please check any anti-virus software you have (many include a firewall) and the Windows built-in firewall.