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Hello shaire,

This is incorrect. We *never* require payment to decrypt any file on the PC or Windows. Period. You write: “it stated that I must have a paid subscription to open them“. This is simply not true (unless you’re trying to decrypt via the mobile apps, they do require the Premium plan – but they can’t encrypt, they are only extended viewers for files encrypted with the desktop version). The mobile app has never been free (with the exception of a third party app, since many years withdrawn, for iOS).

So, there is definitely something you’re overlooking

You’ve probably upgraded from version 1 to version 2. Version has a Premium plan, with additional features for pay. When you first download and start it you’re offered the option to try the Premium plan for one month (in your case, you actually got three months because you activated the trial perid by signing in to the legacy site for axantum ;-) ).. It doesn’t actually “bug you to pay”, that’s also incorrect. It does note that some features require payment. But not decryption. Never. We do not hold files hostage for payment, that’d make AxCrypt ransomware – and that we’re definitely not!

Please provide screen shots of where you’re actually stuck. You do *not* need to pay anything to decrypt and open your files.