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I am a longtime axcrypt 1.0 user that upgraded to 2.0 last year.  I was frustrated with the lack of progress indication on large file encryptions and was poking around in options and found the “Always Offline” option.  I’ve experimented with this feature and note that whenever I have it enabled and I attempt to unencrypt a file, the axcrypt sign-on appears and when I type in my password it tells me wrong password.  If I then turn off Always Offline, and try again, it works.  I find this very disconcerting that I have to be online to unencrypt my files.  Based on the FAQs and this forum, this is not the way axcrypt is supposed to work.  Always Offline appears to be a broken feature.  If I can’t use the app offline, then it is broken.  What happens if the axcrypt service goes out of business or gets hacked, all my files become inaccessible????  This is unacceptable.  Please fix the Always Offline feature.  In my opinion you have lost site of the core benefit of axcrypt if the app won’t work in a purely client side use case.