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Hi Svante,

Thank you for your suggestions. To make the story short, I fixed the problem and have AxCrypt 1.7 running again. Maybe this will help others in the future who will look for a solution in this tread:

The issue was lost permissions to the %temp% folder, more specificaly missing the ‘SYSTEM’ with Full control which applies to ‘This folder, subfolders and files’. I removed the %temp% folder completely, rebooted (this way it got recreated with correct inherited permissions) and AxCrypt started to operate. I found the hint in the Microsoft forum. Thank you again for your help, Svante.

I don’t want to owe you answer to your question what prevents me from installing 2.x version. Here are my critical reasons:

  1. My friends, colleagues and I naturaly use AxCrypt 1.x on several computers. Your FAQ says “Files secured with AxCrypt 2.x are not possible to open with AxCrypt 1.x.” I cannot accept that.
  2. When installing AxCrypt 2.x the app asks for my existing e-mail. One wouldn’t expect that in a cryptographic application. Frankly, I don’t see a reason why I should share any personal information and create an account at Axantum – I find it unnecessary, the application doesn’t need it for its operation. This applies even more to a password stored on-line. AxCrypt has always worked off-line and there’s no reason to change it. I never got over this.

I have always liked AxCrypt in the old way very much and I have propagated it within my friends and colleagues. It works perfectly and does the job.

If this is about business I will be happy to donate (why this option is missing in the new pages and remains only on as I don’t see any advantages for me to buy a Premium version especially when it is against my principles listed above.

Keep up the good work,