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Hello Svante,

You are correct – the problem was most probably caused by Adobe Acrobat installation. Guess how I found about it – I tried to install the latest AxCrypt 2.x and it wouldn’t go through! Then I focused on the %temp% folder. Maybe something to add to the installer – validation of necessary permissions.

Ad 1) I’m not stuck with Word 1.0 but some of my friends are with Word 97. But within LibreOffice/Word 2016 I have an option to save the file in various compatible formats for them. Does 2.x allow that?

Ad 2) I might have to look deeper in this but I consider being able to share files without passwords based on e-mails vulnerable. I would feel unsafe to store my e-mail address along with my key on the internet. Why is it not optional but rather an obligation to run the application? The only password I use for AxCrypt 1.7 is in my head. When I die the files will go with me.

I understand the business question. But as I read your forum, there are many of us with security concerns that prevent us from upgrading. And if we did – where is the income for you if the app can still be used for free?

There are business models that work with try&buy, like Sublime Text. They occasionally remind you – if you like the product, please support it. And I sometimes do.

I honestly did not know/remember about the possibility to donate until I wrote the post today. I just googled it. I originally downloaded the application from your site or somewhere else years ago and used it. I had no reason to visit your site. I might have thought you had different source of income that allows you to make many users happy in your free time (similar like Jan Fiala and his PSPad, glory to him). But good it’s still on the obsolete Axantum page – I just made a donation through it.

Best to you and your team,