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Hi Adrian,

First of all  – I am sorry you’ve had problems with the process.

You can always contact us via email, at info at axcrypt dot or support at axcrypt dot net, which may be a better channel for this type of problem. Please only contact us via one channel at a time though…

If you’d like a refund, please do so by requesting it from us directly. We always process it quickly and without any trouble. If you go through the credit card company, it’ll be a lot of administration for you, a lot of administration for us – and some costs. A simple email to info at axcrypt dot net will suffice. We may ask you why, but we’ll refund you promptly if we can’t resolve the issue quickly.

Since you have posted more or less anonymously here, it’s not quite trivial to figure out who you ‘really’ are, i.e. what email you’re using, but we’ve found you via our basic web server logs. It seems you’ve used two different emails, presumably one corporate and one private.

From what we can see, the email has reached your companys email servers correctly and been accepted. Have you checked your spam folder?

The problem of changing the ‘invite address’ is that we can only allow you to change an email if we can verify that you control the original email – otherwise anyone can change any email. In your case, your original email is unverfied, so it’s a little of a chicken and egg situation.

However, you don’t need to change it. Just use create another one with an email you think will work better.

But… in this particular case, the problem is really at your email server. Since the server has accepted our email, it must deliver it to you – possibly in a spam folder or somewhere else. But if it accepts it from us, and does not deliver it at all to you – then it’s misconfigured.

I will also copy this reply and send it to your respective emails, and we may continue through one of those, which is probably more suitable for this.