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Hello Giovanni,

Thank you for your feedback. Your scenario description sounds fairly likely to be what happened.

I am sorry if you have lost data, but I must object a little at focusing on the operations performed here. We warn you many times, and force you through a procedure where you must enter the password at least three times – all in order to ensure that you are really aware that you really need to know the password.

It is also essential to understand that one should never experiment on live data without backup. Here we should perhaps be even more clear, and have yet-another-popup pointing this out. Always have backups! Regardless of encryption or not.

Now to the heart of the matter. What should AxCrypt do when a background operation is in progress, and another one is started? I can agree in principle that a later operation that negates a pending operation can be optimized away. However, technically it gets complicated. We don’t expand the list of all files until necessary, and it just get’s pretty hard.

We could simply forbid two batch operations going on at the same time, but even that gets complicated. The whole idea of doing things in the background for long running operations is that the user can continue to do other work.

I just don’t know. Also, it’s the first instance of this scenario that I’ve heard of since we launched AxCrypt 2, so it’s not a common thing.

I think doing a quick-fix here is going to do more harm than good. We do have other registered issues about making the progress more clear, now it’s a little unobtrusive. That could help in this kind of scenario.