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Hi Svante, thanks for  prompt reply.

Regarding latest portable version I have attempted to use:

Version 2.11.1560.0 was downloaded within last week from

This version seemed to ‘run’ correctly, but files were not encrypted.

I was running it from its own interface window (pushing buttons to add to encryption list, etc).

The files were listed as encrypted in the Axcrypt control panel (but not in Windows file explorer).

Regarding the old Axcrypt2Go:

Similarly, I was encrypting the files using Axcrypt’s window/interface (not Windows file explorer).  It did take me a few minutes to re-learn that was how Axcrypt2Go worked.  I had to select target file in left-side panel to apply Axcrypt commands, and not the right-side panel (which launched file in Windows).

This version did create an Acrypt version of the file, but left an unencrypted version visible and accessible.

Again, my current goal is run Axcrypt from an SD card on a Windows 7 laptop without admin rights. (I’ve never had a problem running from a USB drive or PC harddrive under Windows 7.)