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I would like to join everyone deriding the ‘improvements’ made in v2.   It is clunky and annoying.  Unless you are signed in files do not decrypt as quickly. Every time you open a file it signs into Axcrypt and I have to constantly sign out.  I don’t want any extra programs uselessly running the background. Too many other programs already do that I don’t need another one.  And I am already sick of  constantly being bombarded with useless, spam-like, pop-up messages.  I want to open a file, I don’t need spam pop-ups.

If you’re that concerned with security why did you implement automatically decrypting files without making the person enter the password *every time*?  Just because they’re signed into Acrypt you bypass this necessary security step as a ‘feature’?  That’s a perfect way to make people forget their passwords.  Even worse if anyone manages to get access to the computer and the user is signed into Axcrypt the person has access to encrypted files!

This logic is the same as automatically entering in a PIN number with a debit card just to be convenient.  It defeats the entire purpose.

I get it.  You want to force people to log into the Acrypt website so you can track them.  That doesn’t mean I have to go along this marketing-based pseudo-design.

The only thing that makes v2 forgivable is that Axcrypt is keeping v1 available.   I’m uninstalling v2 and backing up my old v1 installation files because I dread that the next step in this marketing strategy could very well be to completely stop offering v1 and force people to v2.

You can reply with whatever rationalizations you want.  Until v2 is radically altered from what is currently is, I won’t be using it.