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Hello Mike,

Ok, yes, in that scenario it’s not a perfect match. The “obvious” way to handle it is to encrypt the files on the desktop, and then backup them in the normal way. If the videos are large, it may not be that convenient though. Problem here is of course that you’re not actually backing up the files, but a processed version. We don’t really support this scenario that well.

Another way to handle it, which might actually be beneficial, is to let AxCrypt handle the collisions, and thus save successive generations of the files. IIRC AxCrypt will handle collissions by generating successive unique file names for the encrypted files, so MyFile.txt will get encrypted as MyFile-txt.1.axx if there already is a MyFile-txt.axx, leaving both . Do try this out, I am not exactly sure from memory just how this is handled in the different scenarios.