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Thanks for the reply.

I’ve been doing some more testing of encryption and secure deletion and have another couple of questions.

With the subfolders setting enabled, I can secure delete subfolders most of the time, but not always, often I have to go back and manually delete the empty folders.   Another thing that keeps happening is that I get a pop up screen telling me that a file is write protected when it isn’t, AxCrypt completely refuses to delete it, but if I right click and delete through windows or send to recycle bin, it works first time.

The other issue I’m having is when encrypting large backup folders of images, there are many subfolders, but if I right click the main containing folder from the root of the drive (it’s just a USB3 2TB Seagate drive with exfat format) and click encrypt, it does not encrypt anything in the folder, but AxCrypt is showing that it is busy and it is using 75% CPU.  At first I thought it was just doing it’s thing in the background, but I left it 2 days and it did not encrypt anything in that folder.  I have the same folder on an NTFS formatted drive and it does the same thing on that, too.  If I open the folder and then highlight everything in it and right click>AxCrypt>encrypt, it seems to work fine.

The folder is almost 300GB in size, I have another large folder and some of the files in that were encrypted and some not, so in the end I closed AxCrypt via task manager and started again as the 75% CPU had returned.

Are these things fixable?  Thanks!