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Jack C.

Svante wrote: “There’s also an option to set a timeout for AxCrypt, just like a screen saver.”

That’s critical to protect a strong password that one could never simply type each time to decrypt a file. Otherwise you’d have to copy/paste from a password manager, making the process too kludgy. The whole thing has to be self-contained.

I use a local password manager and likewise all my passwords are exposed when it’s not auto-timed-out. Without awareness of a computer’s locked/unlocked status, any such passworded software is vulnerable. People are foolish if they just walk away from a computer without locking it by habit. You see this at work too often. It comes down to personal accountability vs. lawyering-up after data is compromised.

As written before, I still wish v.2 could have a “lower security” mode that allows custom passwords on the fly for low-tech relatives/friends who can’t handle shared keys or any extra effort on their part. Such people are a fact of life. Of course it’s not as simple as just adding that feature without compromising the master plan for AxCrypt.