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Bernard MARTIN

Thks Svante, in fact to decrypt my old AxCrypt 1 file i had to take two different steps:

1. login to AxCrypt via Internet and for this i was requested a login password. It has nothing to do with the “crypt password” (i call it “crypt key”) that i used before and that i still have.

2. once logged in and connected, i could click on the decrypt button and was prompted for the original password and it worked fine.

As far as i can remember, before when i was using AxCrypt 1 i never had to login . Everything was done locally on my laptop and it worked fine all the time. So something must have changed or maybe i was just unaware of the necessity to login each time to encrypt or decrypt a file with Ax Crypt 2. A new strategy?

Anyway i recovered all i needed and i wanted to thank you.  Sorry if i was not clear enough before.