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Jack C.

I don’t find it harder to use once it’s set up, but it requires more a more sophisticated user than v1.x. I set a very strong main password which would be arduous to type, so I use KeePass to store it for signing in.

Two quirks I’ve noticed so far:

  1. The “Change Password” option is grayed out for unknown reasons at different times, whether I’ve checked “Always Offline” or not. I’m using the Premium free demo mode.
  2. There was also a case where a (4th-level nested folder) .7z file was unresponsive to being encrypted until I moved it to the Windows 10 Desktop, but I tested a similar file at the same level ~30 min. later and it encrypted fine. I hadn’t changed any known settings in the interim and have “Never” for Inactivity Sign Out.

I have more to learn by reading the docs, or maybe you could cover those two items here, or refer to other threads about them.