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Hi Jack,

Yes, well, the setup is slightly more complicated in that you need to register an email, get the email, verify the email and then set a password that passes some pretty strict complexity requirements.

The main reason for the extended process was that it was *too* easy to get started with AxCrypt 1, type a password twice and encrypt some stuff. Then either because the password was mistyped, or because it was simply not properly noted, the data was lost.

We have almost none of that now with AxCrypt 2. The sign in requirement and the stored hash on the server, makes it really hard for example to mistype a password, encrypt a file, and then weeks or days later realize it won’t open.

The use of a single password also reduces the confusion about which password was used for a particular file.

All in all, most of the changes related to sign up and sign in are actually based on experiences from users losing data in AxCrypt 1. Some of them are of course also related to the fact that we’re trying to make an honest living off it so yes, it’s monetized ;-).

If you find the quirks to be reproducible or frequent, do send a bug report to us!

Once again, thanks!